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KASAI KINGDOM: Tshisekedi’s New Government Has Nearly 50% Ministers His Tribesmates

At least 20 of the 54 newly appointed ministers in imposter President Felix Tshisekedi’s government are kasais from the same region he hails prompting analysts to conclude its a “kingdom of Kasai”.

No wonder presidential spokesperson Tina Salama announced names of the kasai kingdom around 03 AM when the country resting.

The over-representation of the Kasai region in key ministries, notably Defense, Justice, Mines, and several vice-ministries, is notable. There are around twenty people from Grand Kasai among the 54 members of the government. For analysts, the DRC takes on the shape of the “Kingdom of Kasai”.

“ If you are not on good terms with the president, it is better to be close to the Queen Mother, Marthe Tshisekedi ,” jokes a student. It is common knowledge that the Kasaians see in Félix Tshisekedi a Louis Austria.

In a country at war, with two provinces under siege and several foreign armies in operation, the Congolese did not expect a new government composed of ministers mostly without any experience at the head of strategic ministries. “Among the heads of ministries involved in the management of the war in the East, all are in their first government experience,” notes an advisor to the Presidency. In Kigali, Kampala, Brazzaville, Nairobi and Luanda, the phones surely rang to find out the members of the new Congolese government.

At Defense, Deputy Prime Minister Guy Kabombo Muadiamvita, 35, originally from Mbuji Mayi, is known to have remained an evening visitor to Limete for a long time. With the support of Maman Marthe Tshisekedi, the former boss of the official newspaper, will have the formidable mission of restoring the integrity of the territory in the east of the country and defeating the AFC/M23 whose progression in North and South Kivu seems more and more irresistible.

In the political sector, another Kasaian has just made a surprising appearance. The former presidential candidate, the fiery Constant Mutamba who until his appointment embodied the opposition “chosen” by those in power. “ What can Félix Tshisekedi expect from a lunar minister, inexperienced and devoted to the sole cause of his stunning image? ” asks a member of the Union Sacrée. Félix Tshisekedi will be able to count on the zeal of young Mutamba to muzzle the opposition and above all, to carry the project of changing the constitution. Where we expected a big name like Lutundula, Mbata, Esambo or Ndjoli, it is to a young rooster with a black and shady crest that Félix Tshisekedi places his trust for his project to change the Constitution and stay in power. The future will tell whether the minister will be able to take up this audacious challenge. When it comes to repression, there are no illusions for Jean-Marc Kabund, Mike Mukebayi, Gloria Senga and the many political detainees: Mutamba will be in charge of the dirty work.



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