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SHADY DEALINGS AT PLAY: Tshisekedi Offering Imprisoned Jean-Marc Kabund Freedom in Exchange of Support in His Bid For Illegal Third Term

Imposter president Felix Tshisekedi has proposed a deal to incarcerated former ally that could see him regain his freedom after over a year of serving his 7-year jail sentence.

Referred to as the Tshisekedi’s personal prison, Kabund is a former vice-president of the National Assembly and a key political in the president’s party UDPS before leaving following a fall-out with the head of state to form his own party.

Kabund was later arrested in 2022 after criticizing Tshisekedi before being charged with false offences such as contempt towards the parliament as well as the president.

Tshisekedi who is moving to twist the Congolese constitution to allow him to go for an illegal third term, has asked Kabund to return to the UDPS with full power with the idea that when the UDPS retains the power after 2028 the latter’s his political party “Ach’-Alliance for Change” becomes an allied party of the ruling party.

Languishing in his cell at Makala Central Prison, Kabund is yet to respond to the proposal sent by Tshisekedi while strategists from his party also continue to ponder over the offer.

However, Tshisekedi’s proposal has left Kabund’s party divided into two factions; with one group opposing the proposal and says that it would be a dilemma to join Tshisekedi, after having left and denounced his chaotic management since he became president whle another group accepts and are already chanting “Kabund from the prison to power”.



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