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INCREASED CORN PRODUCTION: National Service Announce Exponential Yield

After an acute shortage of corn which is used to produce maize flour that becomes staple food for most parts of southern DRC, the national service has announced an increased production by more than 300%.

A bag of mealie meal is now being sold at $50 from around $15 to $18 four years ago.

The sharp increase in prices of mealie meal prompted unrest and riots in some parts of the country.

DRC was forced to sign maize import contracts with Zambia to cushion the crisis.

This time around the government states that they have increased its corn production from 1,000 tons in 2019 to more than 15,000 tons in 2023.

Major General Kasongo Kabwik, coordinator of this structure made the announcement on Saturday saying the yield will help cushion the rising demamd.



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