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INCOMPETENT LEADER: Tshisekedi Goes To SADC & Proposes Regional Beauty Pageant

For all its troubles, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s least of priorities would be organizing a beauty pageant or regional games.

But this was the proposal of President Felix Tshisekedi when he showed up at a regional SADC meeting in Angola.

Tshisekedi told regional Heads of State to consider organizing a SADC beauty pageant and sports games to enhance peace and unity.

That proposal has riled Congolese and exposed Tshisekedi as an ignorant and incompetent president.

First of all, SADC already have a regional sports even and do not need another one.

Secondly, the Congolese people do not need a beauty pageant to end the war in the east, alleviate poverty and eradicate corruption.

It’s this approach that is costing Tshisekedi popularity and respect from the general populace.

Congolese are now a laughing stock. How does a president propose a beauty pageant when his army is ill-equipped to fight rebels?

It can only be an incompetent leader who makes such suggestions.



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