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ILL PREPARED SOLDIERS: Kabila Concerned DRC Army Lacks Prowess To Eliminate M23 Rebels

Having defeated the M23 rebels and their auxiliaries in 2013, then President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila is not a happy man with their resurgence since the end of 2021 in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Silent as before leaving power, the man who facilitated the first political and civilized alternation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Africa, has not slept since, despite the obstruction of his freedom of movement by the regime in place, Felix Tshisekedi.

For some time, Joseph Kabila has embarked on the search for solutions to the problems in which the DRC is going through, through his emissaries whom he has deployed in particular in Southern Africa.

Its ideal message is to warn about the current drift of Congolese power and raise awareness of the risk that the country is sinking into a new crisis, learns from Africa Intelligence Magazine.

According to this newspaper, the former Head of State reminds the presidents of the region that he took care to preserve territorial integrity before leaving power and allow, as he constantly repeats, the first peaceful alternation in the DRC.

In the process, JKK did not fail to address the issue of insecurity in the east of the country dominated by Rwandan aggression via the M-23 rebels.

“ On the military side, Joseph Kabila also highlights the disorganization of the troops, as well as their lack of equipment and their inability to deliver a decisive blow to the M23 . “, reports Africa Intelligence.

This newspaper adds that Joseph Kabila, on the other hand, is less forthcoming about his intentions around the electoral deadline of December 2023.

In his eyes, the electoral process risks leading to a violent political crisis, from which he could take advantage by presenting himself as a recourse.

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