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HUMAN EATER, KILLER & EX-PRISONER: Portuguese & Ex-DRC Rebel Leader Jean Pierre Bemba Prepares To Massacre More Congolese

Jean Pierre Bemba should look himself into the mirror and answer the following questions:

1. How many thousands of people did he kill and eat when he was a rebel leader?

2. How many times, whilst occupying his current defense ministry position, has he been to Kigali to sell off buildings he bought while heading the Liberation of the Congo (MLC) rebel group?

3. How many Russian friends does he have, those that used to supply him with Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK 47) riffles and other deadly ammunition to butcher, massacre people?

4. Is it not true that he can’t step into Europe for fear of being arrested because of the crimes he committed alongside Rodger Lumbala, another rebel leader?

When, or if at all he will answer these questions with all honesty, he should proceed to answer who is clean between him and Moise Katumbi.

Otherwise, Bemba, a convicted murder by the International Criminal Court (ICC) should just shut his big mouth and let people vote on Wednesday.

Bemba should allow independent monitors exercise the liberty to compare results of CENI so that no one is appointed to the presidency to give him a job he never had.

Bemba should know that this elections is not about eating Congolese Pygmys like he did, or massacring Central Africans and Congolese like he did. This is about who has a better plan for the country.



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