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HARASSMENT OF KATUMBI: Tshisekedi’s Indirect & Direct Attack On Main Opposition leader

President Felix Tshisekedi’s continued harassment of his main opponent Moise Katumbi with calculated maneuvers to put him out of the race has been exposed in the assassination of Chérubin Okende.

State agents who brutally picked special advisor to Katumbi, Salomon Kalonda Della, Mike Mukebayi and Franck Diongo, are the ones who picked Okende.

The same way they tortured Mukebayi, Diongo and Salomon with ruthless beatings is what they did to Okende.

Sadly, unlike Salomon, Mukebayi & Diongo, Okende’s body did not sustain the pain the inflicted on him. He bled profusely. Okende lost a lot of blood.

And the dumped him on the roadside, used the gun in his car and struck the driver’s seat to appear as though he was shot.

Clearly, this was a calculated operation.

Since the end of May, we have noticed the harassment that has targeted Katumbi and his support staff.

It’s an attempt to instill fear and send the opposition scampering, but it will not work.

Ensemble pour la République (Together for the Republic) will not rest until the people of Congo vote in a credible election.

It will honour the memory of Okende and restore the dignity of Mukebayi, Daniel Safu, Salomon,
Diongo and many others suffering for holding opposition views.

Courage to the people of our great nation Congo.



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