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GOMA MASSACRE: Local National Deputy Presses Government

Jean-Baptiste Muhindo Kasekwa, a national deputy from Goma, has sent a letter to Republican Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde in relation to the recent violent clashes that resulted in the deaths of over 43 people.

In his letter dated 4th September 2023, Kasekwa has sought to know why government has opted to put civilians and victims of the massacre through flagrant trials instead of local politico-military leaders who failed to act by their jurisdiction to protect the defenseless civilians a maintain peace.

“I am surprised to note that to this day the Government of the Republic has refrained from taking precautionary measures against the provincial politico-military authorities involved. What are the motives for this lethargy?” we read in the initiative of MP Jean-Baptiste Muhindo Kasekwa.

Kasekwa has also wondered why the government has had to drag victims of the massacre through trials rather than rendering help in form of proper medical care or provision of necessities to those who lost relatives in the clashes.

“Worse, instead of releasing the victims, helping the families organize mourning and ensuring good quality of care for the injured, a flagrant trial to judge the survivors of this carnage is organized at Goma since this Friday, September 1, 2023. What is preventing these blatant trials from being organized for all the officials involved in commanding the operations at the origin of this carnage?”

He has also pressed government to give their position about the unfortunate incidents and what it had intended to do to avoid such occurrences.

“Finally, considering the number of victims and the emotion caused among the population, this carnage of August 30, 2023 far exceeds all the tragedies that have occurred in the city of Goma over the last three decades. What does the Government of the Republic intend to do to repair the serious damage suffered by the population of Goma? Patriotic feelings,” he asks.



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