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GOMA CLASHES: Atleast 48 Dead As Demand For Blood Scales Up

Atleast 48 people have lost their lives in the city of Goma, North Kivu Province of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo during clashes between national forces and the Wazalendo group who demonstrated against the presence of the MONUSCO in the territory.

According to the AFP, the deaths recorded have been as per information collected from local sources in Goma.

The city was on Tuesday, turned into a battlefield with the AFP initially reporting a death toll of 10 and 20 injured before the numbers of the deceased escalated swiftly.

Meanwhile, hospitals and medical centers have been left overwhelmed with most notably the CBCA Nd’osho Hospital Center’s blood bank now empty owing to the the growing number of of wounded people requiring blood transfusions at the center.

Residents of Goma have expressed shock and described as “unbelievable” the violent scenes that were caused by young people under the influence of drugs according to the Congolese army.



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