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FRENCH VISIT: Macron’s Traveling Party Estimated At Over 150, Includes Investors

Communications and Media Minister Patrick Muyaya says President Emmanuel Macron will visit the Democratic Republic of Congo with a delegation of more than 152 people including top French businessmen including Xavier Niel.

Muyaya says while President Macron will discuss the security situation in the DRC with President Felix Tshisekedi, it was impossible to ignore economic cooperation between the two countries.

“DRC is the second largest country in Africa, so it’s hard not to talk about the economy with the French president,” he said

Muyaya says focus will also be on the economic forum planned which has attracted the participation of two European commissioners.

He also points out that “there are obviously cultural aspects. You know well that the Plaza de Paris is very popular by our artists, both painters and musicians. It is also a question of seeing what we can explore in this area.”

Muyaya says the DRC’sdecion in hosting Macron is a crucial step strengthening ties with co-operating partners.

“Before addressing development topics, topics that concern us with the businessmen, we want France to clarify its position with clear words because they are the first speakers of the French language. We do not want ambiguous speeches,” he said.

The Congolese government representative also adds that President Macron’s visit was an opportunity to reposition itself in the grand scheme of global politics.



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