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FIRST STEP TO VICTORY: Katumbi Defeats Tshisekedi’s Scheme To Invalidate His Candidacy

Leading opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party leader Moïse Katumbi Chapwe has successfully has had his nomination file for the presidency validated, a development widely seen as a milestone in his expected long walk to become the DRC’s next President.

A ploy by incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi to use the electoral commission, CENI and the Constitutional Court to eliminate Katumbi and other leading opposition candidates from the presidential race has recently been exposed.

Tshisekedi is said to have directed CENI and the Constitutional Court to declare Katumbi ineligible to run as president by failing to recognize his national identity documents.

However, CENI confirmed the list of candidates that had their files verified with Katumbi coming third on the list that consists of 24 candidates in total.

Tshisekedi’s ploy to eliminate Katumbi from the presidential has failed after it was received with widespread condemnation by the public.

Determined to ensure Katumbi is not on the ballot this December, Tshisekedi is now expected to shift to the Constitutional Court to try and perform his roguish intentions.

Other opposition candidates who have also been targeted by Tshisekedi, Matata Ponyo Mapon, Martin Fayulu and Dr. Denis Mukwenge have also negotiated past the upcoming dictator’s conspiracy to make the CENI’s provisional list of candidates running for president.



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