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FIGHTING THE CHURCH: Catholic Bishops Are Fighting Corruption & High Cost Of Living

The Archbishop of Lubumbashi Fulgence Muteba has told President Felix Tshisekedi and his regime to understand that the church is not in conflict with them but corruption and poverty prevailing in the country.

Bishop Muteba has told journalists that Tshisekedi should not be threatened by the church but how he is governing the country, “I repeat: the Congolese bishops are not the opponents of those in power. The real enemies of this regime are corruption, poor governance, poverty, high cost of living.

“The weakness of the national economy, the population’s difficult in accessing education and health care and, it must be said, a certain amateurism in the management of public affairs. The accusations of the UDPS are therefore unfounded.

“They are the result of a paranoid search for scapegoats intended to hide the weaknesses of our ruling class.”

Tshisekedi branded the Catholic Church as a grouping on a dangerous path to divide the country.



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