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FIFI MASUKA’S HIRED GUN: Kapanga Traditional Leaders Caution Kasai Native, Mac Lushimba, Against Dividing Katangese On Tribal Lines; “We Have Lushimba’s Dossier On Criminal Activities In Zambia & Namibia”

Traditional leaders in Katanga’s Kapanga have cautioned a wayward Congolese in the diaspora known as Mac Lushimba against dividing Katangese by sowing seeds of tribal discontent.

Lushimba, who calls himself the Eagle of Kolwezi, has gone on rampage discrediting Katangese leaders in a bid to pave way for a second term for his tribesmate President Felix Tshisekedi.

Sources have disclosed that Lushimba was hired by Lualaba governor Fifi Masuka Saini to spread social media messages that will create confusion in the population of Katanga to the advantage of Tshisekedi.

The traditional leaders have challenged Lushimba to state which village he comes from in Katanga, particularly in Mwant Yav’s territory of Kapanga and Musumba, so that he can be properly identified by his claimed heritage.

“The fact is that we don’t have those names of Lushimba in Musumba or Kapanga. These names are found in the Kasai region which borders Katanga. That is why some of the people claim to be Katangese, but this Lushimba is not one from the Lunda clan. These names do not exist here.

“Those who know him should advise him to stop claiming what he is not. We have been following his activities very well and we have his file that he was engaged in criminal activities in Zambia and Namibia. So, if he continues to cheat the people of Katanga and wants to separate us as brothers and sisters, we will show the people that he is a fraud,” the unnamed traditional leader has said.

Lushimba is believed to be based either in Canada or the United States of America where he records his tribal messages and on posts them on social media.



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