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FATSHI: Tia Masoko Na Se [Put Your Behind Down]; A President At War Can’t Afford To Be Such A Careless Traveller

For a moment last week, we thought we were a home without a father – virtually orphans whose father was alive. That’s how we, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, felt as President Felix Tshisekedi was busy admiring clouds in the sky.

It was unbelievable that the head of State could spend 10 days visiting seven countries while rebels were feasting on his children in the east. Congo is at war, but Tshisekdi was in Belgium, Senegal, Oman, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, Angola and South Africa.

In all those days, he chose not to go to see for himself the situation in the east. Since he became president, he has only been to the east less than five times. What kind of a father is he?

In Lingala, they say Ko yenga yenga eza lisumu (wandering in that manner is a sin). President Tshisekedi must learn to put his butt in one place and ensure he focuses on working for the people of the DRC, not just wanting to satisfying his appetite to be miles above sea level.

Tia Masoko Na Se (Put your butt down (in one place), Mr. President!



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