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FAILED PARTNERSHIP: Tshiani, Tshisekedi Alliance Cracks After Congolite Flop

After a tribal and divisive law they proposed flopped, American economist Noël Tshiani and President Félix Tshisekedi are no longer singing from the same hymn sheet.

In a recent public show of the evident cracks, Noel Tshiani has described Tshisekedi as leader of broken promises.

In a press statement, Tshiani said the Tshisekedi regime was a huge disappointment.

Tshiani said the speech addressed to the nation by Tshisekedi on June 30, 2023, the day of the 63rd Independence, left the population hopeless and in despair.

Tshiani expressed disappointment over Tshisekedi’s broken promises.

The America citizen has been working with Tshisekedi to introduce a law that would have blocked Moise Katumbi from contesting the 2023 election on account of parentage.

It’s clear that the bill will not see light of the day as the general Congolese populace have rejected it and the national assembly has equally avoided tabling it after it already failed in 2021.



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