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FAILED ATTEMPT: Tshisekedi’s Attempt To Implicate Katumbi In DRC East War Hits A Dead End

Imposter President Felix Tshisekedi has made another attempt to implicate Ensemble pour la République leader Moise Katumbi in the Constitutional Revolution launched by the Congo River Alliance in east Congo.

In May 2023, Tshisekedi ordered the Russia-backed Congolese military to arrest Katumbi’s close advisor Salomon Kalonda Della and slapped him with charges of plotting to overthrow the government in complicit with M23 rebels.

Tshisekedi has returned with the same accusations this time arresting members of his Sacred Union and other fictitious individuals he claims are members of Ensemble collaborating with M23 rebels.

What Tshisekedi and his ill-equipped soldiers forgot to coordinate were the lies they were to tell as those arrested MPs were not members of Ensemble because the party did not contest elections in 2018.

Ensemble was formed as a political platform in 2018 in South Africa. Together for change was not registered with the Ministry of Interior so no MP in 2018 was elected on an Ensemble list.

In 2020, the political party Together for the Republic was created.

Instead of condemning the actions of the accused individuals, Tshisekedi and his supporters are trying so hard to link the individuals to Katumbi.

By doing so, they neglect conveniently to announce that those they have arrested are members of the ruling party coalition led by Tshisekedi and is identified as Sacred Union.

Hon ALIO NGERA is an elected provincial MP from WALIKALE from and MUHONGA MAFUKULO Cyrile Advisor and expert in Tourism and Environment in the North KIVU Governorate both belong to the SACRED UNION led by Tshisekedi.



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