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ELECTION RIGGING SCHEME: Tshisekedi’s Camp Take Five EU Observers Hostage Claiming They Have Device To Penetrate CENI System

Determined to rig the election, outgoing President Fèlix Tshisekedi and his camp have taken five foreign election obsevers from the European Union (EU) claiming they were in possession of devices to infiltrate the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) electoral system.

Minister of Interior Affairs Peter Kazadi confirmed at a press briefing on Tuesday that the authorities had taken into custody the five of the 50 observers deployed to analyze the DRC’s electoral process.

The five EU Observers have had their working gadgets seized and are currently detained in Kinshasa as Tshisekedi’s camp look to disturb the mission.

“The authorities have put their hands on 5 people of foreign nationality. These people admitted that there were 50 observers who have the same types of machines that we refused to the European Union (EU) and these people work with a structure that makes too much noise, just to do a job, this structure that wants to transform into a CENI” Kazadi said.

The EU withdrew its obseveration mission from the DR Congo polls citing intimidation and frustrations by the Tshisekedi regime.

After the withdrawal of the obseveration mission, the EU resorted to deploying just 50 observers to act as analysts of the electoral process in Kinshasa.



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