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CONGO VOTES: Christian Civil Society Announces It Will Conduct Parallel Vote Counting & Independent Result Verification

The Christian joint civil society CENCO-ECC’s Observation Mission has announced it will be setting up a parallel counting system ahead of Wednesday’s presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The CENCO-ECC’s observation mission revealed on Tuesday that it will deploy its observers at 1,056 pollings stations across all of the country’s 26 provinces that has 176 cities and territories.

Representatives of the Christian joint election obseveration mission are expected to be present at voting centres as early 5am in the morning till the official announcement of the results is made.

The observers are expected to inspect the voting process thoroughly and will submit their reports to the Data Collection and Processing Center set up in Kinshasa.

The CENCO-ECC revealed that it will independently verify the election results after the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) makes its announcement of results but before the Constitutional Court passes its verdict.

Aside observation and verification of the voting process, the CENCO-ECC has also mandated itself to provide real-time updates as per reports received by its observers.



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