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ELECTION FRAUD EXPOSED: Tshisekedi & CENI Have Used 2023 Elections To Defraud The Treasury

Former Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) Corneille Nangaa has lifted the lid on a massive scheme defrauding the national treasury by President Fèlix Tshisekedi and the commission that has so far received more money from government than it can account for.

Despite having so far had an outstanding US$1 billion pumped into the expenses for the electoral process, the CENI still shockingly claim to be having a financial deficit of about US$450 million.

Nangaa, a confessed and exiled former accomplice to the electoral rigging that made Tshisekedi president in 2018, has highlighted that CENI has inflated its financial figures to a great extent in their scheme to use the election to embezzle public funds.

“While 75% of the equipment (voting machines) acquired by the previous electoral administration is rationally operational, it is precisely estimated at more than one (1) billion dollars officially already disbursed by the Treasury in favor of the CENI, or 500 million per year for a two-year electoral process” Nangaa writes in his latest statement.

“In the meantime, the CENI still claims a financial gap estimated between 300 and 460 million US dollars without explanation.”

Nangaa further described the ongoing electoral process as a “tribal profit” which Tshisekedi and his Kasai tribe-mates have been using to finance his election campaign.

“The truth is that Mr. TSHISEKEDI has made the electoral process a tribal profit. Disbursed funds are encumbered by the Ministry of Finance, via the Central Bank, then by a network of carnivores close to the Head of State before a drop falls into the coffers of the CENI. A tribal mafia whose schemes are used to FINANCE FÉLIX TSHISEKEDI’S ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN” he adds.

With less than a month to go before polling day, CENI looks way beyond ready to hold a comprehensive election and Nangaa maintains that the 2023 General Elections will not be held on its scheduled date.

“Moreover, the obstinacy in lying and falsely pushing towards imaginary immaterial elections only aims to obtain the last disbursement of the spoils. Falsely claiming that the elections must be held on December 20 remains the only lever of pressure on Nicolas Kazadi for this emergency disbursement.”



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