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EFFORTS STEPPED UP: MONUSCO Forces Move to Strengthen Their Presence in Kanyabayonga as the M23 Advance

The UN Mission to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, MONUSCO, have announced their move to strengthen their positions in Kanyabayonga, in the Lubero territory, following violent clashes between the M23 rebels and the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) in southwest of Rwindi, North Kivu Province.

The conflict has so far led to a mass exodus of the population, with more than 76,000 civilians having fled the region in recent days with the MONUSCO now prompted to establish certain humanitarian corridors to guarantee the security of civilian movements and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid.

In collaboration with the FARDC, the MONUSCO are working to defend Rwindi and maintain strategic positions along the main roads leading to Sake and Goma, as part of Operation Springbok whose objective is to prevent the M23 from advancing towards these two cities.

The M23 have continued to expand their seized territories towards Rutshuru, in North Kivu, where several localities fall under the control of the rebels.

The latest, the Vitshumbi fishery, located on the shores of Lake Edward, was conquered without a fight according to the ad interim head of the Bwito chiefdom, Mwami Nyamulagha Bukavu Kikandi 3.

The Congolese armed forces and the Wazalendo supporting group are said to have been forced to fold strategically in order to avoid collateral damage.



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