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EDITOR’S NOTE: Fake Pages Duplicating Our Work The Same Way Election Results Are Being Fabricated

We are aware of individuals that are creating duplicate pages that will ultimately lead them to either hacking or reporting this page for closure.

Make no mistake, we are equal to their task.

To those following us and seeking the truth about how President Fèlix Tshisekedi has resolved to plunge our beautiful country into a crisis, scrutinize those pages and don’t fall for them.

Unlike in 2018 when the Congolese election was stolen from Martin Fayulu for Tshisekedi, we resolved never to allow the people of Congo to be taken for fools anymore.

On this page, we will publish unfiltered information about what is happening in the great country of Patrice Lumumba – the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And we will endeavor to state things as they unfold without fearing for our lives or anything.

If Tshisekedi wants to continue as president of the DRC, the greater majority of our country must agree, not only his tribesmen.

We are also aware of the many elements Tshisekedi has sponsored from his village to attack us; we wish them well. Some of them are on this page; others we have banished.

Those still here should be advised we will not relent.

It’s only sad that our country has degenerated into steep tribalism engineered by Tshisekedi and his Kasai relatives especially those from Mbuji Mayi.

Not all Kasai are tribalists. Not all Kasais are bad people, so we are dealing with those rotten eggs among them and calling them out so that we all have a country that looks beyond ethnicity.

We shall not fear to call them out because their tribalism is worse than the racism practiced by Adolf Hitler of Germany.

Our rights to free speech are protected. Tshisekedi thought, for example throwing Stanis Bujakera, in jail was a free pass to him stealing the DRC election.

You can suffocate one of us and hire others, but you will not do it to all of us.

DRC deserves better.

Editor ✍️.



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