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DULL KAZADI: Francine Muyumba Schools Interior Minister Over His Dull Comment On FCC

Senator Francine Muyumba has schooled the dull interior minister Peter Kazadi who asked former President Joseph Kabila’s FCC coalition to stop making comments on the shambolic election saying they boycotted the process.

Muyumba says Kazadi, a UDPS official, should be the last person to discuss the position of the FCC on the shambolic election.

“When the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Mr. Peter Kazadi asks the FCC to shut up for not taking part in the electoral process, rightly so and everyone is seeing it today, it is like he is squeezing a whole page in our country’s history,” she said.

Muyumba says the UDPS boycotted not only the electoral process in 2006 but also the transition process that led to the 1+4 at governance system.

“When the first deadline of the transition ended, it was the late Patriarch Étienne Tshisekedi who spoke that “on June 30 everything stops” and at the time, these are historical facts, the person who had threatened the opposition march was named Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombe (now Minister of Defense),” she said.

Today, the same Bemba, a war criminal is dining with the UDPS, in a shambolic election.

Muyumba says when Kazadi asks the FCC to shut up, he should try to learn from history.

Muyumba says it’s false that in 2006, the UDPS didn’t speak publicly after boycotting the transition process.

It therefore follows that only a very dull student of political history will make such careless and irresponsible comments about the DRC as Kazadi did.



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