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DRC NOMINATIONS: Presidential Candidates Must Pay $65, 000 Filing Fee

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) has set nominations fees for presidential candidates at a staggering $65, 000.

According to a recent announcement as candidates for the top office start filing their nominations, CENI indicates the period will run from September 9 to October 9, 2023.

The Office for the Reception and Processing of Applications (BRTC) is located in Kinshasa
on the 1st level of the building housing the CENI headquarters, located at number 4471 Boulevard du June 30 in the Commune of Gombe.

CENI has relied on Article 103 of the Electoral Law to summon the nominations and define eligibility.

In addition to the fee, CENI states that prospective candidates must possess Congolese nationality, be at least 30 years old, enjoy full civil and political rights and possess a graduate or university degree or provide proof of
professional experience for at least 5 years in the political, administrative or socio-
economic field.

Congo will go to the polls on December 20, 2023 with incumbent President Felix Tshisekedi expected to face strong competition from popular opposition leader Moise Katumbi.



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