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LACK OF MEDICINE: Critical Drug Shortage Hits Kindu

An alarming shortage of medicine has hit Lokando Health Center situated some 60 kilometers away from the town of Kindu, in Maniema Province.

Local reports claim that the Lokando Health Center has not received no supply of medicines for the past six months leaving the lives of people in the area in danger.

Aside the shortage of drugs, Lokando Health Center is the only available medical structure in the region that also hosts a military camp of the DR Congo Armed Forces.

Dr. Gervais Djela Luka, medical director at the health facility, expressed great concern over the current state of affairs and revealed that last support of medicine the facility had received were from the Global Fund back in 2022.

Dr. Djela added that since 2022, the medical staff at the facility have had been trying to provide health care to patients even without the necessary resources and drugs.

“It is serious to note that our patients can die during their transfer to other health centers for proper care because of the deplorable state of roads” he said.

DR Congo has since appealed to the Congolese government to make drastic measures in order to arrest the alarming situation.



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