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DRC ELECTIONS: CENI Invites Presidential Candidates To Participate In Compilation Of Election Results

The Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) have invited presidential candidates in the DR Congo’s 2023 General Elections to be part of the vote totaling for the purpose of transparency.

CENI are due to release the first batch of results this Friday from the votes that have been counted so far following two days of voting.

The commission is now encouraging presidential candidates and stakeholders to be part of the process at the totalling station, the Bosolo Center in Athénée de la Gombe of Kinshasa.

“We would really like the presidential candidates of the Republic to come here to the “Bosolo Center” because the CENI has planned for them all the necessary logistics for them to participate in this stage. Everything is ready, they will have official notifications for them to come and occupy their offices, so that we can work together because the electoral process is not a private property of the CENI, we work with partners, with all the people Congolese,” said Didi Manara Linga, vice-president of the CENI.

“Let them come to see how we compile because they were the ones who asked for transparency, obviously the transparency is there. Take a look at this room, it’s an innovation and we think that those who come after us can also improve and move forward, President Dénis Kadima had promised a CENI with world standards, here is an example.”

CENI plans to gradually announce the results from the Athénée de la Gombe, in Kinshasa where giant screens have installed and has a conference room and various other rooms.



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