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DRC CRISIS: Tshisekedi Gets Over $1 Billion In Bribes From China, Gives Far East New Reserves & Turns Congolese Population On The West

Electoral votes thief Felix Tshisekedi has received over $1 billion in bribes from China in exchange of mining reserve rights.

Tshisekedi is using part of the funds to fuel hostility against western countries who endorsed his fraudulent election in December 2023.

According to diplomatic sources and those in his security agency, Tshisekedi does not care his relationship with the USA, France, Belgium or the European Union.

After having endorsed his massive electoral fraud for a second term, Western capitals no longer know which way to turn. Washington, Paris and Brussels hastily congratulated Tshisekedi for the scandal he called elections.

He was grateful but Tshisekedi is showing western countries the new master of the Congo.

Kinshasa has resolutely warmed up and is enjoying a cozy honeymoon with Beijing which offered a financial jackpot resulting in the revision of the Chinese contract.

More than US $7 billion in copper reserves are officially granted to China. This amount would only be part of the valuation of the shortfall.

In return, the bribes granted by Beijing to Tshisekedi exceed to $1 billion, and is partly held in China and in off-shore accounts in the Middle East.

The Westerners therefore find themselves in a quandary. Despite repeated visits by Ambassador Lucy Tamlin, the US ambassador to Kinshasa and European diplomats to to Tshisekedi, the irresistible transformation of the good student into a blackmailer-in-chief has become obvious.

Using part of the bribes from China, Tshisekedi has unleased the UDPS militia in Kinshasa on diplomatic properties and foreigners to plunge the DRC into a full scale war.



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