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DIPLOMACY: Kenya Parliament Rejects President Candidate Consul to Goma For “Lack of Knowledge”

The Parliament in Kenya have rejected President William Ruto’s proposed candidate, Charles Githinji, for appointment as Consul of Kenya in Goma, capital of North Kivu Province, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Amidst rising tension and security concerns, Kenya have prioritized the appointment of a Consul in Goma.

Charles Githinji saw his application rejected on Tuesday by the Defense, Intelligence and External Relations Committee of the Kenyan Parliament for “lack of knowledge”.

In his report presented to MPs on Monday, Nelson Koechn, president of the Defence Commission, reported a glaring lack of knowledge on the part of Charles Githinji, who only had a secondary school diploma.

“The candidate demonstrated a considerable lack of knowledge of the duties expected of a consul general, the position to which he had been appointed to serve ,” the report read.

Although no Kenyan law prevented him from being eligible for the post of consul despite his low level of education, Githinji has recently distinguished himself through ridiculous media publications.

However, the Commission maintains the idea of appointing a Consul of Kenya in Goma and said it expected to be able to examine future candidates for the position, before ratification in plenary.



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