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CRIME: Over 50 Military Armed Bandits Arrested In Goma

Over fifty (50) hardy criminals well armed with military equipment have been arrested following a curfew in Goma, North Kivu Province of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Amidst growing criminal activities in Goma’s Mapendo and Kahembe townships, the National Police on Thursday conducted a series of operations in the two areas during the curfew that was initially targeting brothels.

Speaking to the press in an interview Goma city mayor, Faustin Kapend Kamand revealed that the arrested criminals were found armed with firearms as well as other military equipment.

Kapend Kamand further expressed his delight with the results of the operation conducted as part of the fight to end growing urban crime in the city.

“Given the serious crime that shook the city of Goma, we were thinking of organizing some local operations in our different neighborhoods to fight against the depravity of morals and insecurity” Kapend Kamand said.

“When people start drinking strong alcoholic beverages and hemp early in the morning, this behavior has an impact on the daily lives of our compatriots. You saw the different types of drugs, a firearm that had just been presented, the military effects and the miscellaneous”.



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