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COOKED FIGURES: Even A Cheat Can Tell Kadima Is Off; Numbers Of Tshisekedi’s Lead Not Adding Up

After arranging an embarrassment of an election, Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) Dénis Kadima Kazadi is headed for another failure in his mission to steal the elections in favour of incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi.

On Monday night, CENI released results counted from the diaspora and in partly in 82 constituencies of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tshisekedi currently holds an insane lead of 78.80% with a difference of about 2,000,000 votes between the incumbent and opposition Moïse Katumbi.

Those cooked figures by CENI do not even at the slightest correspond with those collected by the civil society and international observers.

Thanks to technology, the opposition have the actual results that will show the true story of the Congolese population’s will and choice.

However, despite all the election rigging manouvres by Tshisekedi and Kadima, Katumbi is looking set to recover and take the lead once results from his strongholds are compiled.



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