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CONGO VOTES: Katumbi Calls On Congolese Population To Vigilant As Vote Counting Commences

Opposition Congo Ya Makasi coalition candidate Moïse Katumbi has urged the Congolese population to be vigilant tonight to ensure no forms of electoral malpractice is conducted during the counting of votes.

Voting several parts of the DR Congo has been concluded this even following polls held today paving way for counting of ballots.

With the electoral process having come under several rigging schemes, Katumbi calls on citizens of the DR Congo to be guard their respective voting centres to ensure not malpractices are conducted.

“My dear compatriots, today is an election vigil, do not leave the polling station before the results are posted. God is delivering the Congo, the devil and his army are trying to force the situation. The angel MICHAEL takes care of him. Ultimately the DRC will take off” Katumbi writes.

Voting in several other regions in the DR Congo is expected to continue into the night and possibly morning on Thursday as many polling stations had opened later than the scheduled time.

Katumbi is the leading challenger for incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi and has been widely tipped to win the elections by several local and international election analysts and obsevers.



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