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CONGO AIRWAYS: National Airliner Set To Close Operations

The DR Congo’s national airline, the Congo Airways, is set to halt operations after the company’s only plane developed a mechanical fault.

The Congo Airways’ only plane, the A320, will be grounded in the coming days after developing a motor problem and will have to be replaced.

As a result, the Congo Airways will no longer have an aircraft in operation and will have to remain non-operational for several weeks to allow the plane to be worked on.

However, the company risks going into bankruptcy as previously warned by late former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende if stringent actions are not taken to resolve the issues currently being faced.

The A320 is the latest Congo Airways aircraft to be grounded due to engine problems after two Dash 8s and a Airbus A320 that are still yet to be worked on thus crippling the company’s operations.

During the last council of Ministers held last week, President Fèlix Tshisekedi had instructed the Ministers of Budget and Finance Aimé Boji and Nicolas Kazadi to make available funds requested for the company’s recovery plan.

The inactivity of the Congo Airways promises to complicate even further the already overwhelmed air transport sector in the DR Congo.



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