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‘COMBATTANT’: Tshisekedi Created The Monster; It’s Back To Haunt Him & His Supporters

From the outset, we do not condone the beating of journalist Christian Bosembe during his visit to France. The action was barbaric and unacceptable. As a people, we must learn to co-exist irrespective of our disagreements. We empathize with Christian. He was helpless; pleaded for mercy but to no avail. We could have lost a life of a colleague. It’s good to hear that Christian is being treated for the beating he endured, we pray he recovers and pulls through.

While we are at this subject, we must not forget that the beating of Christian is a creation of President Felix Tshisekedi and his UDPS supporters. When Joseph Kabila was in power, Tshisekedi – then an opposition member and food delivery driver in Belgium – was an active coordinator of the group that call themselves ‘Combattant’ (fighters). They claim to represent Congolese interests and ensure those who are pilfering the country are dealt with when they visit Europe.

At the time, they pounced on Congolese officials connected to government or those who were in government. Today, the strategy has not changed. When visiting Europe particularly France and Belgium, government officials and their supporters are at the mercy of these hoodlums who vent their frustrations of how the country is being ruined on anyone. People from the kasai region, predominately Tshisekedi’s supporters, have formed majority of the members of this group. And they did everything within their power to beat, assault and intimidate anyone aligned to the Kabila regime. There was everything wrong with Kabila overstaying in power and it was understandable people were frustrated, but going to this extent then was still unacceptable. Just like it is unacceptable today. Violence begets violence; it is not the best way to resolve conflict. Yet Tshisekedi thrived and enjoyed it. Today, Tshisekedi and his supporters who are called “collaborators” of the mess in Congo will now have to deal with this monster.

Most Kasais are no longer members of this Combattants group. The only reason is that their own is in power, so whatever wrong they see is none of their business. What they forget is that they are not among the majority tribes in Congo. They may be the majority in the diaspora, but not in Congo. If they don’t do what they did to correct the situation, other Congolese will do exactly what they did and this is what we see in the case of Christian,

The people of Congo have not forgotten. In 2012, Tshisekedi and the same people that have turned against him vented their anger on a high ranking official of the government of Congo. It was part of the mondus operandi.

Leon Kengo wa Dondo was DRC’s Senate chief and former presidential candidate. He was attacked at a Paris train station by people linked to the now ruling party UDPS.

Kengo, in his 70s at the time, had some teeth knocked out, was trampled underfoot, and rolled on the ground. He was then hospitalised in north Paris. According to a report, the official had got off a train from Brussels and was getting into a waiting car when he was brutally attacked.

That is some 11 years ago when Tshisekedi and his late father, Etienne, were in Europe undermining the Kabila regime. Today, they are facing the same monster they created. Why are they complaining? Did they not think this day will never come? See your life now.

Anyways, we wish Christian a quick recovery. We understand that not even boxer Martin Bakole could withstand some of those blows planted in Christian’s hefty frame.



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