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CLUELESS LEADER: Tshisekedi Insults the Congolese by Asking Them to Use The Depreciated Local Franc & Erratic ATMs

The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been slapped and mocked in their faces by the very leader they entrusted the responsibility of providing solutions to the nation’s challenges.

Imposter president Félix Tshisekedi and the nation’s central bank, Banque Centrale du Congo (BCC), have resolved to encourage Congolese financial institutions as well as the population to use the national currency more in payments for goods and services.

Tshisekedi and the BCC are particularly calling for the use of the Electronic Payment Terminals or ATMs in an attempt to salvage the almost bankrupt central bank whose coffers have been embezzled massively by the president and his thieving government.

Currently, only a meagre 13% of ATMs and other electronic payment systems are in service throughout the DR Congo are configured to accept the Congolese Franc, a situation which favors the use of foreign currencies due to the depreciation of the local currency.

As a result, Tshisekedi and the BCC are requiring all financial institutions to reconfigure their SMEs to only accept the local currency as a solution to stabilizing the Franc as well as the economy.

However, Tshisekedi must be reminded that only a minority of the Congolese population is in possession of an ATM card hence this move is not in any way a solution but only likely to cause more confusion.

In an economy that is not a production-based but mainly consumptive like that of the DR Congo, Tshisekedi’s idea can be considered imprudent.

To spur development and economic transformation, the DR Congo requires Tshisekedi to prioritize self-sustainability by creating production and service firms to generate income and boost local trade.

Tshisekedi is also been called on to put to an end the looting of public funds by his thieving ministers and governors as well as recover all that has been stolen from the Congolese.



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