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CARELESS PRESIDENT: Tshisekedi’s Proposed Constitution Amendment Lowering DR Congo’s Foreign Investor Confidence

Democratic Republic of Congo imposter president Felix Tshisekedi has revived the burning issue of amending the constitution as he makes the step up in his scheme to go for an illegal and illegitimate third term in 2028.

Since then, all political structures in the country have been in turmoil, causing a real boil among the country’s various political parties who are divided over the matter.

Former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo has weighed in on the burning topic with an incisive take on what Tshisekedi’s selfish-motivated move could mean to country on an economic point of view.

Matata Ponyo who is leader of the opposition Leadership and Governance for Development (LGD) party has warned that a constitutional revision process could deter foreign investors from investing in the DR Congo thus plunging the country, already disadvantage by Tshisekedi’s mismanagement, into even more chaos.

“No one will come to invest in a country that is sinking into the storm of a constitutional revision. In any case, the LGD will oppose any maneuver aimed at changing or revising our Constitution” Matata Ponyo said.

Matata, a seasoned economist, stressed that a constitutional revision is likely to discourage foreign investors from coming to set up in a country plagued by political turbulence and made it clear that the LGD will oppose any attempt to change or revise the current Constitution.

“In view of the above, it would be unacceptable to revise the current Constitution, whatever its imperfections, if they really exist. Why do we have to revise a constitution that is in no way respected by the current government? Is the quality leadership and governance that the Congolese need conditioned by the constitutional revision? In reality, no. Because countries like Israel, New Zealand, and Britain do not have formal constitutions; however, they are respectful of the laws that govern them and are far developed compared to the DRC.

Let’s not look for a scapegoat to try to plunge the country once again into political disorder whose outcome no one is able to predict,” Matata said.

Even after being sworn in barely less than six months ago, Tshisekedi remains determined to begin to process to revise the constitution in order to hold on to power beyond this last term as stipulated by the Congolese law.



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