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BUJAKERA CASE: A Fifth Night In Detention As Lawyers Appeal For Parole

International journalist Stanis Bujakera spent a fifth night in detention at Kinshasa’s Gombe Military Court since his arrest last Friday as his lawyers continue to press the authorities for his release.

On Tuesday, Bujakera’s lawyers filed a request for their client’s provisional release as in accordance with the law, a request that has not been replied to yet.

In their request for parole, Bujakera’s defense lawyer Grace Tshiashala reminded the prosecution team that “free remains the rule and detention is the exception”.

Tshiashala also stressed wondered why the prosecutors had kept Bujakera in custody for over the prescribed mandatory 48 hours even though he no previous criminal record.

He also reassured the prosecutors that Bujakera who is in permanent employment, would not escape to the charges levelled against him.

Meanwhile, a great deal of local and international stakeholders including journalists, the civil society, human rights organizations, and embassies of the Western countries continue to demand for the immediate release of Bujakera.

The African Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASADHO) is the latest international organization to express their displeasure over the arrest of Bujakera.

“The arrest of Bujakera discredits the regime of President Tshisekedi. Free him” ASADHO President Jean Claude Katende wrote.



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