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BANDITS ROUNDED UP: Woman Among 26 Suspected Criminals Arrested In Massive Police Operations In Lubumbashi

A woman and a police officer are among 26 suspected criminals arrested by the Congolese National Police (PNC) in Haut-Katanga for a spate of widespread theft and killings.

The suspects were presented to the provincial governor on Monday March 6, 2023.

Major Charles Bin Lwamba, spokesperson for the PNC, said  Colonel Norbert Ilunga, the interim provincial police commissioner in Haut-Katanga, presented the criminals to the head of the provincial executive.

The criminals had spread out into 5 groups. The first group is made up of 5 armed robbers arrested with 2 AK-47 weapons, 3 chargers, a Jeep and some ammunition. They are suspected to be behind the killing of a policeman who provided security at the Lwambo Toll Gate on the Lubumbashi-Likasi Road.

The second set of bandits is also made up of 5 including a woman suspected to be behind a series of several killings in Likasi, Lubumbashi and Kasumbalesa. They are linked to  Kabengele, a wanted gang leader. In their possession was an AK-47 weapon, 5 magazines, some ammunition and two vehicles.

The police spokesman said the other group is made up of 4 bandits arrested with machetes and other dangerous weapons and often terrorized areas such as Bel Air, Kigoma and Hewa Bora neighborhoods.

The other group of criminals is made up of petty thieves who into houses especially in areas like Katuba commune. Among the 26 was also a group of extortionists who recently swindled a lady of merchandise worth US$3,000. They are often captured using motorcycle.



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