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DRC EAST WAR: Three Dead, 8 Injured As M23 Target Civilians In Sake

The notorious M23 rebels yesterday bombed civilian homes tin Sake and Mubambiro in the Kamuronza group, Bahunde chiefship in Masisi territory in North Kivu.

More than five explosives were detonated in the highlands towards Karuba and Neenero (Murambi), have killed and injured at least eight (8) among the population.

“Three bombs were dropped in Mubambiro and claimed casualties among the population, one woman is killed and 5 injured were taken to Sake Afia health centre,” says Muisha Busanga Léopold, chairman of this civic structure in Kamuronza group.

“Other bombs reached Sake in Virunga district towards mama Zaina’s IDPs where a man, his wife and their baby were injured and taken to the health centre, another one was also reported to have died in Kaduki district.”

Léopold says the situation is still dicey in the area with a good portion of the population that had returned to Sake relocating to Goma again.



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