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ANOTHER TSHISEKEDI VICTIM: Human Rights Activist Gets Seven Months In Jail For Criticizing Tshisekedi

President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s crack down on the opposition and his critics has continued with human rights activist Len’s Omelonga latest to be sent to prison for publicly criticizing the president.

Omelonga, a human rights activist and ally of the opposition candidate Delly Sesanga’s Envol party, has been sentenced to seven months penal servitude by the Lemba Peace Court in Kinshasa.

His lawyer, Maître Teddy Banza confirmed the sentencing of Omelonga who has been charged for “damaging accusations and contempt of the Head of State”, accusations that stem from his sharing of a tweet published by an opposer of Tshisekedi’s government based in South Africa.

Omelonga was arrested on May 1 in Kinshasa and spent nearly sixty days in detention at the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) before being transferred to the prosecution and placed in preventive detention at Makala prison.

Omelonga is the latest to be served with stiff punishment for simply opposing the President and his government’s lack of respect for human rights and freedom of expression in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



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