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ANOTHER FOOLISH MOVE: Tshisekedi Accuses Tech Giants Apple of Looting “Blood Minerals” From War-ravaged Eastern DRC Mines

While the Congolese population continue to be victimized and killed everyday in the eastern part of the country, Fèlix Tshisekedi focuses on stiring up idiotic legal battles with an international firm instead of re-equipping the fragile Congolese army to protect the citizens and territories of the nation.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s small-minded president Fèlix Tshisekedi has accused American tech giants Apple Inc. of using minerals believed to have been looted from Congolese mines to make its products.

Tshisekedi has once again carelessly spent public funds to hire expensive American international lawyers Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP in Washington DC and William Bourdon of Bourdon & Associés in Paris, to pursue a case against Apple.

Tshisekedi’s lawyers have written to Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters as well as its subsidiaries in Paris, France accusing the digital giants of conniving with Rwanda-backed rebels to loot minerals from the DR Congo which they have since intergrated into their global supply-chain.

“Year after year, Apple has sold technology made with minerals sourced from a region whose population is being devastated by grave violations of human rights” Robert Amsterdam, founding partner of Amsterdam & Partners LLP, stated.

Amsterdam further stated: “Although Apple has affirmed that it verifies the origins of minerals it uses to manufacture its products, those claims do not appear to be based on concrete, verifiable evidence. The world’s eyes are wide shut: Rwanda’s production of key 3T minerals is near zero, and yet big tech companies say their minerals are sourced in Rwanda.”

Tshisekedi and his lawyers have since given Apple three weeks in which to respond to its queries or initiate legal proceedings.

Apple have previously strongly affirmed and proved its non-involvement with any direct Congo mineral suppliers for its supply-chain.



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