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UNREPENTANT: Convicted For Murdering Wife, Ex-Minister Mousa Mondo Appeals Sentence

Democratic Republic of Congo former Minister of Hydrocarbons Moussa Mondo has appealed the his 20-year jail sentence for murdering his wife after a marital dispute.

Mondo was arrested on Sunday, 15th April 2024, after battering his wife, Khadidija Alisa, a Malagasy national, who was rushed to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead after succumbing to several body injuries inflicted on her by the husband.

The former Minister in the Joseph Kabila regime was then sentenced to 20-years in prison by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Kinshasa-Gombe for murder, a verdict which he has since appealed.

Moussa Mondo’s lawyer Maître Émile Assani confirmed the submission of the appeal before court on Thursday.

Moussa Mondo has pleaded that no evidence shows that it was as a result of his assault and battery that his wife had died.

“For the offense of intentional homicide to be established, it is necessary that after the beating, the person dies immediately, or within the hours that follow, tomorrow or the next day.

In addition, the medical expertise must establish that the person really died as a result of the assault and battery It is the doctor who must determine this. There is no medical report included in the file,” declared Maître Émile Assani.



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