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AN ELECTION OF DISGRACE: Civil Society In Kananga Regret Acts Violence & Abuse Against Women On Election Day

The Civil Society in Kananga, Kasai-Central Province have condemned the acts of violence and abuse perpetrated against women during election day.

Several women were victims of violence and abuse by thugs sponsored by the ruling UDPS party who went on a mission of intimidation.

Women and other electorate who were alleged to be supporters of opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi were brutally attacked by UDPS party cadres.

The Femmes Main dans la Main pour Development Integrale (FMMDI), a non-governmental organization, have described the acts of violence against women and girls on election day as uncivil.

“They had mobilized to go and fulfill their civic duty, unfortunately, some of them were subjected to inhumane acts” FMMDI country director Nathalie Kambala said.

The FMMDI have since advised the authorities to reflect on methods of preventing violence as the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) publicize provisional results of the vote.

Meanwhile, the FMMDI have since reported the cases of abuse and violence against women and girls during the elections to the Kasai Central Bar Chamber who have also been tasked with evaluating and monitoring any post-election irregularities.



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