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AN ACT OF MOCKERY: Congo Youths React Angrily To Video Of Tshisekedi Buying An Egg From An Unemployed Street Vendor

Incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s efforts to put on track his campaign trail that so far been dreadful has continued to backfire.

Latest in a series of embarrassing incidents during his campaign tour, Tshisekedi has come under fire from Congolese youths who have described as an act of mockery to them a video in which the Head of State bought an egg from a young street vendor in Kinshasa’s Ngaliema Municipality.

The youths have blasted Tshisekedi for seemingly encouraging street vending and informal business for youths whom he has failed to provide employment opportunities as he promised.

Tshisekedi has been reminded that he was given the mandate five years ago to create jobs for youths in order to end that practice of informal businesses as well as illegal vices which halt the progression of the economy.



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