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For students of historical movies, there’s a popular saying in ‘Shaka The Zulu’ – “never leave an enemy behind or it will rise again to fly at your throat!”

That statement is pregnant with meaning and if the killing of a Belgian IT expert the other night in Kinshasa is anything to go by, the diplomatic and international communities must realize that Felix Tshisekedi is not their friend.

They must know that Tshisekedi is ready to devour anyone in his wake and plunge the Democratic Republic of Congo into war in his blood-thirsty quest to retain power.

This is a man who knows that he lost this election to popular opposition leader Moise Katumbi by more than 67% as per CENI sources and parallel voter tabulation results yet he has manufactured figures to claim that he is the victor. Even a toddler can tell there’s something wrong with the figures Tshisekedi’s cousin from Mbuji Mayi, Denis Kadima, is announcing.

The official position from the DR Congo government on the killing of the Belgian national is that the expert jumped from the 12th floor of his hotel on Saturday night but sources say he was killed.

While the Congolese prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation to determine whether the killing was a crime or a suicide, the second hypothesis has been disputed by diplomatic sources in Kinshasa.

According to local media reports, the deceased expert was part of the team supporting eight experts from various fields, including electoral, political, legal, human rights, gender, minorities, media and social networks.

The restricted mission, made up of eight experts, is responsible for carrying out a technical analysis of the electoral process as a whole.

They will evaluate the process in accordance with international, regional and national commitments relating to the conduct of democratic elections to which the DRC has subscribed.

Clearly, this is the reason Tshisekedi frustrated the European Union observer team.

This election has been marred by gigantic irregularities from people voting in their homes, bars to figures being cooked by the country’s electoral body, the CENI, to murdering of political party opponents.

What else does the international community need as proof of this fraud of an election – have they switched off their brains to what authentic videos that people are sharing on social media? If Tshisekedi is as popular as he claims, why has he unleashed soldiers on the streets to quell any form of protests?

The diplomatic and international community are swinging on a tiger’s tail and think it’s a friendly animal – one by one, Tshisekedi will devour them like he has done with that Belgian national or many other Congolese like Chérubin Okende.

To avert this, they should call Tshisekedi out and let the CENI proclaim Katumbi as the winner or demand the annulment of this election as the opposition has called for.

Congo is on the verge of an implosion.

Those abetting Tshisekedi should take responsibility when Congo implodes and blood oozes like a waterfall.



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