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ADMITING FAILURE: I Have Failed The Justice System In DRC, Says Tshisekedi

President Felix Tshisekedi says he has failed the justice system in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tshisekedi says he was not happy with the justice of his country.

He was speaking in a staged interview on Saturday with his spokesperson as he reviewed his five years in office.

President said he was not ashamed to admit that the justice system had lamentably failed under his watch.

“I think if there is a downside to my balance sheet, I think it’s this (the justice system). I’m really not happy with the record so far.

“I relied a lot on this power because I tell myself like in the Bible, it is justice that raises a nation,” he said.

President Tshisekedi wishes he could have done better.

“Unfortunately, in our case, justice is destroying our nation. I did everything I could to try to make my intention, my vision and in fact my vision understood. Unfortunately, I don’t have the impression that we are always on the same tune,” he admitted.

Tshisekedi’s mandate comes to an end on January 24, 2024 but the elections will be held on December 20, 2023.



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