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A PEEK IN KATUMBI’S VISION FOR CONGO: Kashobwe Concession Is A Replica Of Katumbi’s Vision For The DR Congo

Presidential aspirant and popular business mogul Moïse Katumbi has long shared his vision to transform the disadvantaged Democratic Republic of Congo.

In his vocation to spur development in the DRC, Katumbi has prioritized revitalization of key sectors, one of them agriculture.

Katumbi’s private concession in his native village of Kashobwe harbours a successful agricultural estate but also sports infrastructure for recreation.

The Kashobwe Concession has several farm plantations of different crops including rice and orchards with a variety of fruits.

Aside that, livestock and fish farming production are also at the centre of the Katumbi’s concession where he demonstrates his passion to make agriculture a key source of income, home food security and most importantly, self-employment.

Katumbi, owner of one of the most successful football clubs in Africa, is a passionate about sports which he aims to use as a tool to fight domestic crime and bring unity to the DR Congo.

At the Kashobwe Concession, Katumbi has built several sports infrastructure including football pitches, basketball and tennis courts among others.

This infrastructure has impacted positively on the youth in Kashobwe village who are engaged various sports disciplines bringing about massive reduction to juvenile delinquency.

Katumbi uses his native home and property to demonstrate his vision and passion of development that he hopes to bring to the DR Congo.



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