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A MARK OF SOLIDARITY: Katumbi Calls For Unity To End War in the East

Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique leader Moïse Katumbi has demonstrated his compassion for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo as he puts aside his political ambitions and rivalries to call on the nation to unite to the war in the east.

Katumbi has reiterated his indelible support for the Congolese Armed Forces of the (FARDC) on Friday Friday, through party spokesperson Hervé Diakese.

Beyond the political divisions created by the undemocratic and fraudulent government of Fèlix Tshisekedi, Katumbi believes unity is the best solution to end war in the east.

“We are behind our FARDC. No man asked for Katumbi’s effort… The best solution is unity. President Moïse Katumbi’s strategy to end the war in six (6) months required him to be at the head of the country” Diakese said.

Katumbi and party have declared readiness to cooperate, in the name of unity, with other political camps to end the war.

Despite shocking mistreatments by the Tshisekedi regime, Katumbi still exhibits great support and solidarity for the DR Congo population who have been let down by the ruling government.



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