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A FOREIGN CANDIDATE: Dr. Mukwege Fires Back At Tshisekedi, “You Lived On Social Services In Belgium, You Don’t Have A Residence In Congo, But You Chose To Call Me A Candidate For Whites”

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege has fired back at President Felix Tshisekedi for jibes aimed at diluting his candidature for president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On Saturday, Tshisekedi, without mention names, unleashed jibes directed at Dr. Mukwege and Ensemble pour la République president Moise Katumbi.

Tshisekedi vowed that he will not allow the Congo to be ruled by a candidate representing white interests.

Dr. Mukwege has been seen and accused of being a candidate representing foreign interests.

The Kivu-based physician who is known for his humanitarian acts saving women who are victims of war enjoys a respectable and goodwill view of the international community.

He, on Sunday, reacted to Tshisekedi’s diatribe.

Tshisekedi has never been schooled in the DRC and has spent most of his time in Belgium.

Dr. Mukwege responded, “It’s unfortunate, people [Tshisekedi and his family] who live in Europe, who live on social assistance subsidies and who don’t have addresses in Congo, they perhaps have the address of their father but we don’t know not their physical addresses in Congo, can treat me, who lives in Congo, as being the White Candidate,” said Dr. Mukwege.

For more than 35 years or so, Tshisekedi lived in Belgium without a fixed job and at the
expense of the Belgian state.

From his birth until January 2019, Tshisekedi had never owned a house in the DRC, or even in Belgium, except those of his father.

It’s now that he became president that he bought a luxurious and huge villa in an upscale neighborhood of Brussels where he goes to stay every time he undertakes an international trip.

For Dr. Mukwege, he has lived and worked alongside Congolese peasants.

The Democratic Republic of Congo will go to the polls on December 20, 2023 with nearly 20 candidates challenging the incumbent.



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