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WHO IS REALLY A FOREIGNER: Between One That Spent His Entire Life In Europe While The Other Lived And Invest Amongst The Congolese

The presidential race for the Democratic Republic of Congo’s 2023 General Elections continues to heat up with campaigns in full swing and questions of some of the candidates’ ethinticy have come to light.

Incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi has been critical of his challenger and popular opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi whom he has accused of being a foreigner.

However, Katumbi has gone on to prove beyond all reasonable doubt his Congolese citizenship to defeat Tshisekedi and his camp’s agenda to have him eliminated from the ballot on account of being a foreigner.

While Tshisekedi accuses Katumbi of being a foreigner, it is the former who has spent less amongst the Congolese population than his rival.

Tshisekedi, son of a former DRC Prime Minister, had a comfortable life growing up before leaving for Belgium as a youngster.

Tshisekedi would only return to the DRC as an adult after getting educated, worked, got married and had children in Belgium.

On the other hand, Katumbi has lived all life amongst the Congolese community with whom he has also shared a great part of his wealth.

Born in Kashobwe village, Katumbi went to Kiwele School in Lubumbashi where he established his business and settled with his family.

Having also served as governor of Katanga, Katumbi has over the years spread a great deal of significant philanthropic works to different parts of DRC.



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