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WAR ZONE: Tension Rises Between National Defence Forces and M23 Rebels In Eastern DRC

The DRC national defence force (FARDC) have reported increasing tensions with the M23 Rebel Group in the eastern part of the country to mark a new chapter in long standing history of the conflict.

In a statement released on Wednesday, FARDC spokesperson in east DRC Lt. Col. Ndjike Kaiko claimed the M23 rebels backed by the Rwandan army had posing a threat to disrupt the agreement to ceasefire.

Lt. Col. Kaiko added that these events come after President Fèlix Tshisekedi recently declared his stance against any direct dialogue between the DRC and the M23 during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The Congolese army have confirmed that the M23 had taken control of several localities in the east DRC town of Masisi including Kibarizo, Kabalekasha, Kirumbu Bukombo, Rugogwe, Busumba and Burungu.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the M23 also attempted to take charge of the Kanyamahoro Hill in the town of Kibumba and went as far as crossing into the East African Community (EAC) Kenyan deployed forces’ territory.

However, the Congolese army in collaboration with the EAC forces managed to force the rebels out with the provocation now raising serious tension.

FARDC have since declared the M23’s latest moves as acts of provocation and have since warned the national, international and regional bodies to draw potential consequences that may arise from this situation while they also claim preparedness for any eventualities ahead.



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