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WAR IN THE EAST: Fighting Resumes Between Wazalendo & M23 Fighters Near Sake

New clashes have been taking place since this morning of Tuesday, April 16, between the volunteers for the defense of the homeland (VDP), commonly known as “Wazalendo” and the M23 rebels in several hills around the city of Sake, about 20 kilometers away from Goma.

According to local civil society sources, the Wazalendo are facing a new attempt by the M23 to seize Sake.

Explosions of bombs dropped by the M23 are said to have reached Mubambiro, where the camps of the Congolese army (FARDC), the SADC regional force (SAMIDRC) and MONUSCO are located.

“It was since 4 a.m. that fighting broke out again in the Macha locality, Kamuronza group. Fighting is reported in the hills of Murambi, Vunano and in the locality of Kimoka. It was the rebels who launched the attack. Fortunately, young people still resist. The positions of our FARDC soldiers in Mubambiro are targeted by M23/RDF bombs. The fighting is ongoing until now.

The bombs dropped by the M23/RDF terrorists are already falling in Mubambiro where there are reports of injuries following the explosions. There is a bomb which has also just fallen near the mosque in Sake,” Olivier Munguiko, civil society actor from Sake reports.



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